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organic natural Natural and Organic: Non-toxic, pure and clean

organic natural wool Wool: Sustainable, soft, and chemical free

organic natural bamboo Bamboo: Durable, renewable, eco-balanced and stylish

aluminum steel stainless Metallics: Infinitely recyclable and petroleum free

paper cardboard chipboard paperboard Paperboard: 100% post consumer, FSC certified and recyclable

adhesive glue Adhesives: Zero VOC’s, no out-gassing and LEED +

FREE SHIPPING - NO SALES TAX - FREE USDA Organic Cat Nip - Oregon Tilth
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made in America, aluminum steel bamboo infinitely recyclable, previously recycled non-toxic paperboard, no PVC plastics

While cats and kittens need their play toys, most cat trees and posts are not built from 100% genuine environmentally friendly sources and are often covered in toxic carpeting and glues, faux veneers, and materials that are not recyclable, reusable or sustainable. Many cat trees don’t complement home decor and are often just overwhelming in size and price. Cat Scratch City® is a simple new and fresh approach to cat trees, posts, scratchers and furniture with unrivaled commitment to our environment, our health, and your cats comfort. You can feel proud owning a CatScratchCity.com ... it’s built to last, is affordable, sustainable and recyclable!

Why we use what we use...

Cat Scratch City® cat trees, posts and scratchers are created to be healthy for the environment, your home, and your cat without compromising cat comfort. Our selection of organic and natural materials have been carefully researched and chosen to offer you and your cat a richly non-toxic experience while also offering style and design that easily fits into your home. Every purchase ships with a FREE sample of certified USDA Organic cat nip to get your cat started scratching!

We utilize bamboo, which is actually a grass, because it has extremely quick sustainable growth cycles (3-6 year maturation depending on variety), is formaldehyde free (unlike most MDF board and veneers used in cat furniture) and is highly durable with an appealing aesthetic.

We use stainless steel and aluminum plate, it’s strong, contains no petroleum based oils, is non-corrosive, looks great and can be infinitely recycled.

Cat Scratch City utilizes paperboard for the posts that is custom manufactured locally from 100% post consumer paper and is bound utilizing non-toxic food-grade adhesive.

We wrap our posts with natural sisal carpet because cats love to scratch on it! Sisal biodegrades easily, makes use of disregarded plant fibers, does not outgas, is naturally mold resistant, is extremely durable, and is easy to replace once worn through. Softer scratching surfaces don’t offer the resistance cats and kittens need for the healthy scratching they crave.

Cat Scratch City makes use of natural wool carpeting. Wool is extremely soft (cats love to lay, sit and sleep on it), it’s durable, is not chemically treated, it’s recyclable, and is completely sustainable. When wool is not available we use P.E.T. shag carpeting which is made of 100% pure food-grade recycled bottles. See our buy now page for details.

Our cat trees are not made from cheap plastics or toxic woods like most others! Why? Because nearly all plastics are chemically synthesized, primarily made from petroleum-based oils, emit toxins during their entire life cycle and are often difficult to truly recycle. Woods are a precious resource, most are commonly chemically treated, very toxic, have lengthy growth cycles, often utilize noxious stains and paints, and are not easily recycled or sustainable in shorter life cycles.

Find out more on our ’faq’ page.

Our 100% money back guarantee

We guarantee that your Cat Scratch City product is quality. We've spent years testing and developing our products, they're sturdy and we can proudly say they are 'cat tested and approved'. For more information visit our ’faq’ page.

From the ground up... Cat Scratch City is committed to sustaining a clean and pure environment while offering the best of playtime and relaxation for you and your cat or kitties.

Don’t you, your home and your kitty deserve one?

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*100% of materials sourced from: recycled, recyclable, renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, organic, natural, ultra-low or zero out-gassing, unused salvaged, or reclaimed materials that are easy and balanced with the environment.

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