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Designed for cats by cat owners. purr post™ is more than a cat scratching post or tree, it’s an environmental health awareness and commitment to pet and home happiness. It’s not just a trend... it’s a sustainable healthy future.

While there is much cat and kitten furniture to choose from, virtually none is truly environmentally green, and what’s available usually comes with a hefty price tag!

purr post™ ...A collection of cleanly designed affordable cat Perches, Posts and Scratchers built for your cats enjoyment while not being an overbearing eyesore in the home. All products are individually handcrafted in America with care and built to last while keeping a healthy balance with our environment. purr post™ is a small company created for cats and the environment primarily by a gentleman and his cat and network of kitty testers and supporters. We keep our profit margins small in order to pass along the savings and benefits to you, our health, and the kitties.

Values that set purr post™ apart from the others...

Most traditional cat posts in the same class are unattractive, bulky, expensive, covered in toxic carpeting and glues, utilize processed cheap woods, out-gassing plastics, materials that are prone to molding, and are just poorly designed. purr post™ has spent years of research, development and testing to address all of that.

Made in America. That means all of the earth-friendly materials that go into making a purr post™ are purchased in America and contribute to our local economy. Never over seas, we are committed to keeping the production of all purr post™ products local utilizing a Fair Trade model. purr post™ is designed to be interchangeable with replaceable parts. That means you can easily swap parts and materials should they wear out or get accidentally damaged... pro-longing the life of your purr post™ cat product while keeping materials out of landfills. We even ship our organic cat nip samples in plain unbleached recycled and recyclable paper envelopes instead of plastic bags!

Today many products are labeled "green", but that does not mean they truly are. purr post™ is 100% committed to creating truly environmentally green and eco friendly products at an affordable price.

Scratcher :: Bamboo
We use solid pure natural bamboo, no veneers. Our bamboo is formaldehyde free, and utilizes little to no varnish or toxic stains (LEED MR 5.2, IEQ 8.2). The varnish that is used is water-based, derived from recycled whey proteins (LEED 4.2), petroleum free, odorless, and safe for home use. Natural sisal scratching surface with reinforced FSA 100% post consumer paper backing complete the Scratcher. All Scratchers are fitted with non-skid natural cork padding for any surface.

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Perch :: Deluxe Bamboo Stainless
Our deluxe Perch posts are 24" inches tall, most others in the same class are 18" or shorter. Healthy cats enjoy and crave the extra stretching height. Our Perch cat scratching posts currently utilize a round stainless platform and base that make for perfect lounging, playing, and resting. We use a round top and bottom for our Perch posts because it distributes weight more evenly, is more stable than squares or other odd shapes, and makes placement in the home easy by not creating defined lines. Non-skid natural cork padding for any surface, sturdy non-toxic 100% post-consumer paperboard tube, base and top utilize wool shag carpeting (or P.E.T. recycled shag) with sisal trim and scratching surface. We plan to offer bamboo style choices in the near future.

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Post :: Bamboo Stainless
...coming soon.

The purr post™ Post model utilizes the same quality materials as the deluxe Perch model, but instead of featuring a top platform it comes with a top cap (customizable name etching with additional time and cost) made from either solid bamboo or stainless materials. The Post will also be 32" inches tall for the big stretch! Non-skid natural cork padding for any surface, sturdy non toxic 100% post-consumer paperboard tube, base utilizes wool or P.E.T. shag carpeting with sisal trim.

Wool shag carpeting is the ideal choice for sustainability, unprocessed and non toxic. Putting products back to use instead of into landfills, we sometimes offer P.E.T. carpeting. P.E.T. shag carpet is produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been reprocessed into soft fine durable carpet fibers. The plastic bottles used are FDA food grade, assuring you and your pet the highest quality while keeping impact on the environment and your health safe. In tune with keeping materials out of landfills we utilize unused natural sisal remnants, it’s durable, non toxic, and cats really enjoy scratching on it. The purr post™ Deluxe ships flat and assembles in under 2 minutes without any tools. The entire purr post™ Deluxe frame does not outgas or contain petroleum based oils and is completely recyclable!

We use adhesive which has zero VOC’s, is non-toxic, non-flammable, meets or exceeds all California Proposition 65 standards (strictest governmental environmental standards to date) as well as LEED standards (Earns LEED 2.2 and NAHB Green Building Points: 5 Global Impact Points), contains no carcinogens, conforms to USDA requirements for non-food contact, is non-petroleum based, is solvent, isocyanate, urethane free, and has no odor.

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purr post™ cat scratching posts, trees and accessories are based out of Portland, Oregon in the lovely Pacific Northwest. In keeping up with our dedication to a cleaner environment, purr post™ sources all materials for production from local vendors and manufacturers that are environmentally responsible. That means less fuel and less emissions emitted into our air while also contributing to the local economy and sustainable business practices. Not much of what we use goes to waste, but what does is recycled or reused when possible. We also utilize post-consumer FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified recycled paper for all of our paper use from office to production.

purr post™ is committed to creating unique and truly environmentally sound products for pets. With that commitment a portion of every sale goes back into the community to support local and national animal shelters and rescue groups while educating the public about proper pet care.

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